be|yond1 W1S2 [bıˈjɔnd US -ˈja:nd] prep, adv
[: Old English; Origin: begeondan, from geondan 'beyond', from geond; YONDER]
1.) on or to the further side of something
They crossed the mountains and headed for the valleys beyond.
Beyond the river, cattle were grazing.
She drove through Westport, and stopped a few miles beyond at a wayside inn.
2.) later than a particular time, date etc
= ↑after
What changes await us in the coming year and beyond?
The ban has been extended beyond 2003.
The disco went on until beyond midnight.
3.) more or greater than a particular amount, level, or limit
More people are choosing to work beyond retirement age.
Inflation has risen beyond the 5% level.
4.) outside the range or limits of something or someone
Such tasks are far beyond the scope of the average schoolkid.
expensive luxuries that are beyond the reach of ordinary people
5.) used to say that something is impossible to do
beyond repair/control/belief etc
(=impossible to repair, control, believe etc)
Scott's equipment was damaged beyond repair.
The town centre had changed beyond all recognition.
Due to circumstances beyond our control the performance has had to be cancelled.
6.) be beyond sb
to be too difficult for someone to understand
The whole problem was quite beyond him.
Why Joan ever married such an idiot in the first place is beyond me.
7.) used to mean 'except' in negative sentences
Fred owns nothing beyond the clothes on his back.
I can't tell you anything beyond what you know already.
beyond 2
beyond2 n
the beyond
literary whatever comes after this life

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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